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JOBS and the economy

North Carolina is moving in the right direction for economic growth, but we need someone advocating for policies that allow our economy to flourish. My opponent is more concerned with drawing a line in the sand than reaching across the table to serve her constituents.

It's time we have a voice that advocates for us, to increase our wages, to grow our economy.

As your representative, I will be that responsible voice that works to promote healthy economic growth and create jobs.


clean water

Clean water

To ensure that North Carolinians have access to the clean water they deserve, I will work to address, monitor, and clean up - if needed - harmful chemicals such as PFOS and GenX that are in our air and water supplies. 

As your representative, I will fight for your access to clean water and to hold those responsible accountable.


There have been many studies that show that cannabis is an effective, holistic option for medical patients and those recovery from addiction. I personally have witnessed a friend’s recovery process.

I support cannabis related studies and legislation.


Health care

Many North Carolinians are working multiple jobs, yet, they remain unable to afford health insurance. We need something to change. Health care is a very complex topic, and we need to approach it with a well-researched, well-reasoned, and innovative mindset.

As your representative, I will fight to lower your health care costs while expanding access to quality health care to all.

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I would support legislation creating an independent commission for redistricting so long as it was a well-vetted process based on previous successful implementations and the commission was truly independent.



In business, when an incident occurs you analyze the problem and find the root cause. In mass shootings, the gun used (or access to) isn’t the root cause but rather the individual and specifically, their mental health. Gun Control ≠ Crime Control. Enhancing school safety protocols as well as mental health awareness, identification and treatment are key to remediating this issue.